Welcome to my little home on the web. Here, I speak about my journey through time, from a Scala perspective.  As time unfolds, I hope to chronicle what ignites my passion, what makes it all worthwhile writing about, and all those milestones of learning in this journey. Not only that, I hope to stand upon the shoulders of giants and take that cold dive into the fascinating depths of the Scala world. Each post that I make on this website, represents an attempt and a sliver of hope to find my own enlightenment.

    Over the years, we all have learned the importance of being our own quarterback. This is important, because in a world that never ceases to keep moving at its breakneck pace, holding down the fort, and becoming a Scala practitioner in one’s own right, requires hard work, and practice in the very least.

          In trying to keeping pace with the Scala technology space, I have stumbled and fallen, but have always picked myself back up.  This website is about sharing experiences. Whatever form of enlightenment you seek, in the cold deep waters of Scala, whether your ship sailed a while ago, or the ship you were on capsized, let’s not be intimidated.